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Local tourist office:
486 274
Najbolje ocijenjeni restorani!

Župski zaljev - Srebreno     
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slika mjesta

he tiny port of the village is separated from Kupari only by a low hill and a small cape. It is a good place to shelter and ends in a nice beach.

Area code: 020

Health services
Surgery 486 278 8-20
Pharmacy 487 014 8-20
Dentist 485 686 8-20

Cash point Address
Refer to the nearest major settlement


  Telephone Working hours
Banka 486 064

Other services

Type Telephone Working hours
Market 486 755

In-depth Restaurant profile

Other restaurants

Restaurant name Telephone
Konoba Župski Popret 487 142
Konoba Ciparis 485 750
Portun 486 563
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